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Welcome to our tutorial on our Calendar Manager system. These tutorials will explain the different types of calendar widgets, walk you through adding a calendar widget to your website, and provide instruction on how to edit and manage your new calendar. This is one of our more advanced features and if you have any questions feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support for more information. To begin click the arrow next to a topic below and our visual guide will appear. To advance to the next step simply click the next button inside the appropriate box.

  • To learn how to add a new Calendar Widget, please follow the instructions on the Add a New Widget page
  • Day - Shows one day at a time.
  • Week - Shows one week at a time.
  • Mini Month - Shows one month at a time
  • Full Week - Shows one week at a time, broken down into time slots.
  • Full Month - Shows one month at a time
  • Move your mouse over the Calendar widget you would like to edit. The widget will highlight in orange and the Hover Menu will appear.
  • Click Edit
  • The Calendar widget will open.
  • Enter a Calendar Title, then check the box for each calendar you would like to show.
  • Choose the settings you would like to use, then click Apply.

Calendars are used by Calendar Widgets to display events and other important dates. By default, there are calendars for Appointments, Events, Holidays, Reservations, and Resource Adjustments. The Appointment and Reservations calendars can be used by Forms.

  • From the Customer Manager menu, select Calendar Manager.
  • Click Add New Calendar
  • Choose a Calendar Name, Background Color, and Text Color.
  • When you're finished, click Save.
  • From the Customer Manager menu, select Calendar Manager.
  • Click Create Event
  • Choose a Name, Start Time, and End Time.
  • If needed, you can set the event to be an All Day Event.
  • If needed, you can choose to Repeat Event, which will open the Recurring Event Options window.
  • Select the Calendar you want to add this event to. By default, it will be placed in the Events calendar.
  • You may enter a Description.
  • You may select contacts to Send Email Reminder to and/or Send Text Reminder to.
  • When you're finished, click Save.

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