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Email Templates

Welcome to our tutorial on managing your eCommerce email templates. Every order can pass through a variety of steps from order received to order shipped. Our system comes preset with various emails that will notify you, and your customers when various events occur such as a new order. However, these emails can be personalized, or completely build from scratch to meet your specific needs. To begin click the arrow below next to Create an Email Template and our visual guide will appear to guide you through the process. To advance to the next step simply click the next button inside the box.

Important Note: You should create two copies of every new template, one for guests (users without an account on your site) and one for registered users. 

  • From the navigation menu, choose System > Transactional Emails.
  • Click Add New Template.
  • Choose a Template, which is the starting point for the new email you are creating.
  • Choose a Locale, which is the language for the new email you are creating.
  • Click Load Template.
  • Make a note of the Used as Default for, as you will want to reference it to assign the template.
  • Enter a Template Name.
  • Enter or modify the Template Subject, which is the subject users will see when they receive the email. There will be a default subject from the template loaded.
  • You can edit the Template Content. The Insert Variable button can be used to add content pulled from the order information (such as Order ID) or the customer's account (such as their name). If you are unfamiliar with editing HTML code, we strongly recommend calling Customer Support for assistance.
  • You can edit the Template Styles. If you are unfamiliar with editing CSS code, we strongly recommend leaving the styles as is or calling Customer Support for assistance.
  • When you're finished, click Save Template.

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